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Our Program

A Whole Family Approach 


If you are concerned that your teen's vaping is out of control, we can help.


Join us as we bring Break The Vape      to Northern Virginia. Be among the early families to experience the power of effective communication, focused skills training and parent support in changing the impact of vaping on your teen and your family dynamics.



Does your teen need help kicking the vaping habit?

Break The Vape     serves families dealing with substance use that want to focus on fixing challenging family communication and building life-long skills to break substance use. Our program packages a validated model for intervention, with integrated skill building, family conflict skills and parental support. Break The Vape     is designed to be used alone or in support of work being done in school or with a clinician.


The Break the Vape      Program is delivered over six weeks, one night a week for 2 ½ hours each session. The program has separate, but concurrent paths for teens and their parents. Having teens separated from their parents allows for a safe space for questioning and learning. Each group covers similar material during their sessions to allow families to continue work together between weekly sessions.


Each group session begins with participants sharing their challenges and successes from the previous week, and brainstorming with peers on strategies and tactics for addressing the challenges. All participants will be given their own workbook—where they can record weekly progress and personal goals.






Provide clear, up-to-date information about substance use, addiction & how family relationships can be affected.


Provide access to experienced teen and parent group leaders to work directly with participants on their unique challenges.

Demonstrate how to set clear boundaries and expectations to allow re-establishment of trust in relationships.

Convey proven methods to help parents recognize change in their teen's behavior.

Reset family communications around cooperation and common goals.


Support teens in practicing healthy choices and overcoming individual challenges.


The science behind the impact nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, and opioids have on developing brains and bodies.


The cycle of addiction and how to break it.


Skills for dealing with vaping behaviors.


Skills for managing triggers and emotions before they lead to actions.

Strategies to make better, less-harmful choices.

Coping tools to deal with everyday challenges at school, home and in the community.

Methods for measuring and celebrating progress and success.

Knowledge sharing that parents commonly experience.



Break the Vape     utilizes the proven Matrix Model of Substance Use Intervention for Teens and Young Adults. We bring the matrix model to life during our sessions through a combination of the following methods:


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to connect thoughts and feelings to actions and choices.

  • Motivational Interviewing for open, high-impact communications.

  • Peer Support & leadership to provide ongoing intensive support.

  • Parent and teen vaping panels for support and education.

  • Behavior incentives for engagement and recognition.

  • Mindfulness skills development for self-knowledge and trigger identification.

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